Fire in the premises leads to not only financial and moral damage, but also takes away a lot of lives each year. Usually fire is caused by unsupervised home appliances, faulty wiring, and simply human negligence. This all can be easily avoided if you have installed in a house a system of fire protection. This system will not only alert you and your household on fire, but will eliminate a fire at an early stage. As soon as the smoke and heat sensors recorded the slightest deviation from the norm, an audible alarm will alert everyone about fire.


Immediately after the discovery of an emergency, an automated system alerts the homeowner as well as the emergency services about what happened. Fire prevention system is able to eliminate the source of fire on their own, including the fire-fighting system. Fire-extinguishing system activates the smoke removal system. In order to avoid the spread of fire and to minimize its effects, electric power, gas supply and ventilation are deactivated. Fire prevention system protects you from a dangerous accident and save your household and your home.


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