1. Main Controller

Central device that monitors all installed configurations and informs about system status in real time.

2. Temperature, acidity, gas composition sensor

Devices that detects temperature, acidity, gas composition inside fermentation barrels. This items are used in processing industry, where automation of the process is required and needs to monitor a wide range of parameters. All these sensors are selected individually for each project.

3. Temperature and motion Sensor

This sensor is used more often for temperature control. Usually works in tandem with a radiator valve control and can automatically adjust required level of heat. It doesn’t require a power cord. You can save up to 40% on heating costs

4. Wireless switch

Device with on/off function for certain circuits. It does not require a power cord. It can be installed in any place on any surface. This switch is installed together with circuits intelligent control modules, which receives the signal from this switch and perform the configured function.

5. Sensor CO2 / CO / VOC / RH

This sensor detects the excess of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, harmful impurities and humidity. It is used to control the composition of the air in rooms and buildings. It is used together with the ventilation system/air conditioning and security system.