EnOcean - an ocean of energy for "Smart House".
The German company EnOcean is the founder and owner of patented technology "energy harvesting" (let - Energy collection). Solutions based on this technology use miniaturized energy converters, electronic circuits with ultralow consumption and reliable wireless communication. The combination of these elements makes possible to create and maintain the sensory systems that are fundamental for the automation and innovation networks.

Features of EnOcean technology.
The basic idea is to provide energy required for operation of the wireless system from the surrounding space. For example, the energy spent on switch press is used to change temperature or to adjust the brightness of illumination. All such actions generate enough energy to transmit the wireless signal. In contrast to batteries and accumulators, the EnOcean consistently uses miniature power converters: kinetic and thermal converters, solar panels. Today EnOcean wireless modules are in demand worldwide. EnOcean systems are already widely used in large office buildings, and private homes in more than 200,000 installations worldwide. This technology makes possible to efficiently use the limited resources and reduce costs and time during installation and maintenance of the building.


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