1. Main Controller

Central device that monitors all installed configurations and informs about system status in real time. Main controller receives information transmitted by various sensors, and other devices, and makes logic command for different devices to perform certain functions.

2. Access Control

This device controls people’s access in the room, records the time, date, period of access and biometric parameters. It is used with room security system and blocks unauthorized access. It’s recommended for administrative and commercial buildings.

3. Video Surveillance

Wi-fi video camera allows monitoring of certain rooms or areas. It is used together with security system. It allows on line remote monitoring and/or video data storage on memory devices.

4. Remote Control

Remote controls the blinds, curtains or shutters. It’s used for house automation system in rooms with multiple windows. It enables configuration of preferred position which automatically installs all the blinds or curtains in the position that have been setted.

5. Sensor CO2 / CO / VOC / RH

The sensor that detects carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic components and the relative humidity. It is used to estimate indoor air quality. Usually it’s used with ventilation/conditioning and security system.