Z-Wave Alliance - an open consortium of approximately 300 independent manufacturers who create products and services based on Z-Wave technology. All companies are united by one common goal: to create and develop innovative wireless products and services that work together, regardless of brand or supplier.


For quality assurance, each product is rigorously tested for compliance with Z-Wave compatibility and all other devices and controllers. Interacting in a single wireless network, Z-Wave devices provide intelligent home control, controlling lighting, sensors, heated floors, as well as provide general security. Z-Wave products are easy to install and there is no need of wires. Save with Z-Wave is much easier. Forgotten “turned on” light “switches off” by itself and the radiators are switched off when windows are open and no heat is wasted. With Z-Wave - there is nothing to worry about. If something goes wrong, notice of failure comes to your smartphone. Z-Wave opens up new possibilities for the future of the house!

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