"Smart House" will reduce your electricity bills and protects the electric system from a short circuit.
"Smart House" provides remote monitoring and control of automated systems in your home. You forgot to turn off the light in the room? Your children have left the TV on? Don’t worry. Presence sensors will shut off the light or the TV automatically and reduce energy consumption. "Smart House" will provide you with a full report on the state of the electrical, heating and other systems. Systems operating automatically extend the life of electric appliances and other devices. Automated systems guarantee complete safety of your family members. In case of failure, "Smart Home" disables the apropriate systems in the house and informs you about malfunction.
With "Smart Home" you don’t have to worry about forgotten switched on devices. All appliances are switched off automatically. Intelligent control saves up to 40% of electricity just from efficient electrical load distribution in the home. "Smart House" is not only practical, but also convenient. Wherever you are, you can always control your house and set up electricity consumption sources as you wish.

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