The use of natural gas became a part of our daily lives. We use it for cooking and for heating homes. But with the huge benefit of it, natural gas carries a great threat to human life. Therefore, home owners often worry about leakage, especially during their absence. The slightest spark in the room with a natural gas leakage can destroy in a second what you built over the years. But with the "Smart Home" syste, this situation can be easily avoided. Upon detection of gas in the air, the system automatically shuts off the gas supply and sends a message on the mobile phone about the problem to the owners. The room where a gas leak has been found, will be immediately de-energized, as well as the exhaust ventilation will be enabled. If, at the time of the leak, the owners are at home, the system will notify them with an audible or light signal. With natural gas leakage monitoring system, the safety of your family members and your home will be under control, even if you're away from it.

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