1. Main Controller

Central device that monitors all installed configurations and informs about system status in real time.

2. Light and Presence Detector

This sensor detects the presence of people in the room and light intensity. It doesn’t require a power cord. It is used to optimize: lighting, ventilation and conditioning, heating, security systems.

3. Temperature and motion sensor

This sensor is used more often for temperature control. Usually works in tandem with a radiator valve control and can automatically adjust required level of heat. It doesn’t require a power cord. You can save up to 40% on heating costs

4. Opened windows/doors sensor

This sensor informs about opened window or door. It is used to control temperature, lighting, security systems. It doesn’t require a power cord.

5. Radiator valve сontrol

Device that controls the opening/closing of a valve on the radiator, depending on the room temperature and the households presence. It does not require a power cord. In tandem with device fitted with temperature and motion sensor, you can save up to 40% of energy costs.